Mr. R S Sodhi, 58, Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd., (AMUL) Anand Gujarat, is a first-batch alumnus from IRMA, Anand, India and obtained his B.E.(Ag) degree from CTAE, Udaipur, India.  Mr. Sodhi joined GCMMF (AMUL) in the year 1982 directly after completing his post-graduation in rural management from IRMA and rose to the present level of Managing Director in June 2010. In fact, Mr. Sodhi has grown with GCMMF (Amul) & the Amul cooperative movement, since the beginning of his professional career.

Mr. Sodhi has 35 years of rich experience in leading & developing cooperative sector within Indian dairy industry, having served dairy farmers in several capacities. He has been responsible for creating the current structure of the Amul, enabling the organization to maintain and enhance its leadership status within Indian dairy industry.

For last more than 35 years, Mr. R S Sodhi has been providing dynamic leadership to Amul and the entire Indian dairy industry, especially the critical cooperative dairy sector, which generates livelihood for millions of dairy farmers and provided essential goodness of milk nutrients to one billion Indian consumers.  Due to Mr. Sodhiís leadership, Amul accounts for 25% of organized dairy industry, within India. He has inspired Amul to achieve 1st rank in Indian food category as per brand trust report 2015 and 13th position on the list of top milk processors of the world and win several national and international awards for innovations in dairy sector.

In fact, since he took over as National Head of Marketing, Sales & Distribution function at Amul head office in 1993, the business turnover of Amul has grown twenty seven -fold from Rs. 980 crores in 1994-95, to RS. 27,043 in 2016-17. Mr. R S Sodhi steered Amul through a period of intense competitive environment, when MNCs as well as regional brands challenged the leadership of Amul in domestic market. Under his marketing leadership, Amul successfully weathered all challenges and the ĎAmulí brand retained its supremacy in the Indian market.

Marketing acumen of Mr. Sodhi has helped to expand the market for Amul. With expanding market and growing demand, Amul was able to collect higher quantity of milk from more number of farmers. This enabled the cooperative to double its membership base from 17 lakhs farmer-members in 1993 to 36 lakhs farmer-members in 2017. Growing demand for Amul products in Indian market spurred Amul to expand its footprint from 8900 village-level dairy cooperative societies in 1993 to 18600 societies in 2017. This ensured that the economic and social benefits of Amul dairy cooperative movement were shared by 48% of rural population of Gujarat state of India.

Mr. R S Sodhi took over as Managing Director of GCMMF (Amul) in 2010. Under his leadership, milk procurement price paid by Amul to farmers increased by 102%, in the last 7 years, from Rs. 338 per Kg-fat in 2009-10 to 680 per Kg-Fat in 2016-17. Through remunerative prices and technological support, Mr. RS Sodhi encouraged the farmers of Amul to increase milk procurment by 94% in the last 6 years, from 91 lakhs litres per day in 2009-10 to 176.46 lakhs litres per day in 2016-17. During the same period (last seven years), under the leadership of Mr. R S Sodhi, the business turnover of GCMMF has grown by 238% from Rs. 8005 crores in 2009-10 to Rs. 27043 crores during 2016-17.

Over the years, Mr. Sodhi has helped to expand Amul cooperative network by facilitating addition of five new district level dairy cooperative Unions into Amul family, as regular (ordinary) members of GCMMF i.e. Amreli, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, Kutch and Porbandar.  Under the leadership of Mr. R S Sodhi, GCMMF through its constituent Member Unions has started procuring milk from farmers of several other states of India outside Gujarat, including Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Goa, Chattisgarh Maharashtra, West Bengal, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Mr. R S Sodhi has ensured that benefits of Amul cooperative movement extends to farmers across India, by expanding the Amul cooperative network beyond Gujarat state.

Under his leadership, Amul has created 300 lakhs liter per day milk handling capacity. Under his guidance, it was also decided to increase milk processing capacity from current level to around 380 lakhs liter per day.

Under the leadership of Mr. R S Sodhi, in order to improve productivity of animal, Amul has initiated Strategic Productivity Enhancement Programme. Under this programme set of activities like Artificial Insemination, Pure breeding, Calf rearing vaccination, deworming etc. is carried out to improve productivity of milch animals. Similarly, to provide nutritionally balanced Total Milk Ration at lower cost for better milk productivity and animal health, Amul is encouraging its member unions to initiate Total Mixed Ration project. To improve fertility of animal, Amul has initiated Fertility Improvement Programme (FIP). Under this programme a dedicated and experienced team of Veterinary doctors conducted animal camps in selected villages. Over the years, district-level member unions of Amul (GCMMF) have selected 9000 villages and registered 6 lakhs milch animals. Out of total registered animals 3.6 lakhs animals became pregnant.  

He focused on integrating the key business processes through the use of Information Technology.  He not only championed the implementation of the first ERP at Amul in 2000, but also steered the implementation of SAP across Amul (GCMMF) and its district-level constituent Member Unions in the last three years. Under his leadership, GCMMF has already started several new and innovative IT initiatives to improve last mile distribution efficacy.

Mr. R S Sodhi has also been actively involved in creating a pool of managerial talent in the country. He has been a visiting faculty at the Institute of Rural Management, Anand, for more than two decades.  He has always been forthcoming in sharing his wealth of experience, at innumerable International and national seminars, including events at Harvard Business School, CLAL Dairy Forum Italy, Ismaili Economic Forum, Dubai and various IDF international events over the years.

For almost three decades, Mr. Sodhi has worked under direct guidance & mentorship of the legendary Dr. Verghese Kurien (father of dairy cooperative movement in India) and has ensured that values cherished by Dr. Kurien, such as integrity, dedication, courage, honesty, commitment to farmers and to consumers, remained deeply ingrained in the culture of Amul.


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