Mooofarm giving cattle a digital identity

FOUNDED IN 2017 by Aashna and Param Singh, M/s Mooofarm is an agritech startup firm dedicated to finding technical solutions for dairy farmers by helping them keep their cattle healthy and increase their income by improving the milk quality. According to them, cow and buffalo is distinguishable with 95% accuracy. The algorithm only requires pictures of each cow or buffalo from different angles, backgrounds and lighting to identify unique features of the animal.

The startup has built a digital ecosystem of cattle through its mobile app that leverages data analytics to provide farm and cattle management solutions to dairy farmers such as digitizing the life cycle of their cattle, connecting them to input suppliers for fodder and to veterinarians for emergencies, among other services.

This technology can help solve the fraudulent claim settlement issue in the cattle insurance sector wherein the farmer claims (sends ear/ear tag) of an insured cattle, whereas the death has been of uninsured cattle. The numbers representing livestock insurance in India are dismal. According to a reply given in Lok Sabha on March 13, 2018, 14.80 lakh animals were insured in 2014- 2015. Since then, the number has dropped to 7.44 lakh in 2016-2017.

Further, current practices of claiming insurance for cattle are morbid. To claim insurance, for most animals, a death certificate from a veterinarian, RFID (Radio frequency identification chip, inserted in the front left leg of the animal) and a post-mortem report are required. However, for cows, it is imperative to submit the chopped off part of the deceased animal's ear, which had been earlier punched with an ear tag carrying a unique number when the animal is bought. Mooofarm's facial recognition solution has the capability to replace this method altogether.

Gurucharan Singh, a farmer from Chamaaroo, Punjab, possessed the incorrect knowledge about the amount of feed needed for his cattle. He thought the more feed given to the cow, the more milk production, which resulted in him spending a huge amount on cattle feed. Mooofarm’s trainers removed this misconception and taught Gurucharan and other farmers the formula to calculate the accurate amount of feed for each cattle. The farmer was able to reduce the feed amount to 33 kg per day, saving ₹ 6390 per month.

Mooofarm may impact 2 lakh farmers by end 2020 and our vision is to enhance 1 million lives by 2022. The company is a B2B entity and ties up government agencies and corporates who want to spend their corporate social responsibility budgets for farmer welfare. Mooofarm is presently working in Sangrur and Patiala districts of Punjab (starting Ludhiana and Moga soon), Hamirpur and Hardoi district of UP, Nagpur Amravati and Wardha district of Maharashtra, and Dausa district of Rajasthan.