World Dairy Summit 2019 — A Brief Report

FOUR-DAY INTERNATIONAL DAIRY FEDERATION (IDF) World Dairy Summit 2019 opened in Istanbul. The Summit brought together representatives of the global dairy sector from 55 countries, including IDF members, experts and stakeholders, government agencies, civil society, academia, farmers and processers to explore key topics for the sector, such as dairy’s role in achieving SDGs, current research relating to food loss and waste, sugar and protein and sustainable farming. More than 1,000 delegates including those from about a dozen of Chinese dairy producers participated the summit. Theme of the summit was “Milk for Life”.

In her opening remarks, IDF President Dr. Judith Bryans said, “If we work collaboratively, we can overcome all the challenges that face us and have a sustainable future.” She called on sector representatives to work together to combat growing challenges facing the world today, including poverty, insecurity and malnutrition.

Dr. Bryans said the IDF has been doing its best to produce high-quality milk and other nutritious, safe and sustainable dairy products. Turkish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli spoke on his country’s contribution to the sector, noting the dairy industry in Turkey now ranks eighth in the world and third in Europe. There is a strong focus on family farms across the country and a range of programs to support them, Bekir Pakdemirli said. Turkey is now ready to expand its exports to the Middle East and the Far Eastern markets, said the Minister.

The highlights of the summit are as under:

Working together for a sustainable future: “If we work collaboratively we can overcome the challenges that face us.” IDF President Dr Judith Bryans launches the 2019 Summit by highlighting the value of dairy to global nutrition and SDGs.

Leading from the sector: At the Dairy Leaders' Forum on 23rd September, the speakers had one goal - to explore the sustainable future of dairy. High level speakers from across Europe, Asia and Africa provided delegates with their insights into current issues facing the sector.

Dairy outlook and trends: The world dairy market is constantly growing and evolving. Along with the launch of the IDF World Dairy Situation 2019, speakers presented the biggest trends impacting the industry, and how the sector can stay informed.

Maximising dairy’s contribution to sustainable development goals: The dairy sector can make multiple contributions to the SDGs, but optimising its contribution requires careful planning, implementation and monitoring.

Nourishing the world with dairy: The potential of dairy to nourish the world is huge. However, anti-dairy sentiment is growing rapidly in many dairy productive regions. The World Dairy Summit 2019 discussed the challenges and opportunities.

Addressing food loss and waste: Responding to the food loss and waste challenge within the dairy sector presents a cross-cutting opportunity to drive climate action forward by cutting GHG emissions and boosting resilience and productivity in food systems.

Meeting the sustainability challenge: Continuing the sustainability theme, speakers explored sectoral concerns including how to balance competitiveness and sustainability, efficient use of land and resources, measuring accurately to make a real change to global warming and how farm sustainability is key.