Himachal to brand, sell goat dairy products

RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND ANIMAL HUSBANDRY Minister Shri Virender Kanwar said that Himachal Pradesh government was spending a sum of ₹ 20 crore on the promotion of goat rearing in the state.

Addressing a gathering of farmers at Thana Kalan village after distributing goats as part of the government scheme, he said goat milk and cheese would be branded and sold by the state government to benefit the goat farmers.

Shri Kanwar said goat milk was in high demand and fetched more money in the market as compared to cow and buffalo milk since it had greater food value. For this, a cooperative society of the goat rearers will be constituted and a unit for processing the milk will be set up by the government and a sales outlet would also be provided to the farmers on the Una-Bangana highway.

He called upon the young farmers to adopt government-sponsored self-employment schemes in the fields of poultry, goat and sheep rearing, bee keeping, dairy, and fisheries to earn their livelihood. He said that the government is providing free training to set up the ventures.