Institute - Industry Meet organized at ICAR-NDRI, Bengaluru

AN INSTITUTE-INDUSTRY meet was organized at ICARNDRI, Bengaluru on 6th October 2018 to explore collaboration with dairy industry as well as to transfer technologies developed at ICAR-NDRI. Various new technologies developed by NDRI were presented to industry representatives. The industry representatives were also given opportunity to present their views and perspectives on what NDRI is expected to do for the Indian dairy industry. In all 54 persons representing 30 industries like Dodla Dairy, ITC, Britannia Industries, Heritage Foods, Hatsun Agro, etc. participated in the Meet.

Mr Sunil Reddy, Managing Director, Dodla Dairy Ltd., Hyderabad was the Chief Guest and Mr Sanjay Singal, Chief Operational Officer, ITC Ltd., Bengaluru was the Guest of Honour. Director of ICAR-NDRI, Dr. R.R.B. Singh presided over the inaugural programme and Joint Director (Research) Dr. Bimlesh Mann and Head of ICAR-NDRI, Bengaluru Dr. K.P. Ramesha were also present. Dr. B.C. Ghosh, Organizing Secretary of the meet welcomed the participants and Dr. K.P. Ramesha Chairman of the Organizing Committee made the introductory remarks and also highlighted the importance of regular interactions between institute and industry. Dr. S. Ayyappan, NABARD Chair Professor explained the importance of transfer of technology quickly to the end users. Mr Sunil Reddy stated that dairy institutes are doing good work, but the technologies should be offered to industry as a package including manufacture methods, packaging, cost effectiveness and market opportunities. In that case, his company would be willing to sponsor research project. He also offered to provide fellowship/ scholarships to students. Mr Sanjay Singal elaborated the efforts being made by ITC in introducing new products and sought collaboration with NDRI in their endeavors. Dr. R.R.B. Singh assured the industry that NDRI would be pragmatic in its approach in dealing with industry and wanted more and more collaborative approaches rather than working in an isolated manner. NDRI would direct its research projects to meet the expectations of industry. The technology brochures published by NDRI Karnal and Bengaluru were distributed to industry representatives for their information and knowledge. The Inaugural session ended with vote of thanks by Dr. K. Jayaraj Rao, Principal Scientist (Dairy Tech.).

Industry representatives suggested that one month short term training courses are arranged for new recruits of engineers, QC persons, veterinary assistants and other dairy professionals to make industry ready. Industry personnel should be trained in FSSAI, Codex, BIS and EIA standards.

The areas identified in the Meet for further research work are:

● Improvement of initial quality of milk at collection points
● Utilization of concentrated milk for reconstitution and recombination purposes.
● Effective application of membrane technology in the industry (for example in powder plant and evaporation plants)
● Conversion of old powder plants into agglomerated powder plants (agglomerated SMP fetches higher price) Reduction in the use of sugar in dairy products.
● Development of energy efficient equipment
● Enhancement of shelf life of paneer possibly up to 30 days
● Utilization of treated ETP water (RO, deodorized etc.)
● Accelerated test for determining sterility of UHT milk to avoid incubation time.
● Rapid tests for estimating FSSAI quality and safety parameters
● Development of low-cost method for detecting aflatoxins Fixing of standards for traditional milk sweets.
● Development of kit methods for approval by FSSAI
● Development of strip test for detection of preservatives in liquid milk
● Study on proteolysis activity in milk and testing equipments
● Effectiveness of area specific mineral mixture on conception rate as compared to normal mineral mixture
● Educating farmers and middlemen not to adulterate raw milk