Amul best alternative model for economy: PM

INAUGURATING A NEW CHOCOLATE-MAKING FACTORY set-up by Amul in Gujarat, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, said that a cooperative model like Amul is the most viable economic alternative to capitalist and socialist models.

The new factory is an expansion of an already functional confectionery unit of Amul near Anand. The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation is India’s largest farmers’ cooperative. Shri Modi credited Sardar Patel, who founded the Kheda Milk Union, for creating the model.

Sardar saheb sowed the seed for a third economic model – controlled neither by government nor capitalists. Instead, it was created with the cooperation of farmers and people and everybody was a part of it.

This model is the result of a farmers’ cooperative movement of over seven decades. Amul has become an identity, inspiration and necessity in the country. While addressing a gathering of farmers after the inauguration, Shri Modi called upon Amul to set a target for making India the third largest milk processor in the world, from its current ranking of 10th.

The new plant is a ₹ 533-crore premium chocolate plant. A nutritional food unit, the Anand Agriculture University Centre of Excellence in Food Processing, and a ₹ 20 crore Vidya Dairy ice cream plant were also launched simultaneously.