South India’s largest dairy to reach full production capacity in a year

THE ₹ 165-CRORE DAIRY of KolarChickballapur Co-operative Milk Union Ltd. (Kochimul) is expected to give a fillip to milk production and processing in the drought-prone districts of Kolar and Chickballapur. This largest dairy in south India has been established at Nandi Cross in the foothills of the serene Nandi Hills.

The dairy started its operation recently and would take at least 12 months to reach full capacity, officials said. It would soon leave its footprint on the State’s White Revolution.

The dairy can process five lakh litres of milk per day – or, about half the daily procurement from Kochimul – using machinery from Japan, Sweden and Australia. The Kochimul president, Mr. N.G. Byatappa, said that just ₹ 32 crore was spent on civil works while the rest was invested in high-end machinery.

The dairy can pack 6,000 units of 1-litre packaged milk per hour or 18,000 units of 500-ml packaged milk per hour, 1.8 lakh litres of Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk, and 1.5 lakh litres of Goodlife milk.

The dairy will also be producing 10 tonnes each of butter and paneer, and four tonnes of ghee daily. Officials said more than 50 sweets that use Nandini milk can also be produced.

As value addition can yield better profit, the dairy can fetch better prices for farmers. “We are contemplating giving additional procurement price to farmers once the mega-dairy becomes operational and starts earning a profit,” said Mr. Byatappa.

Kochimul has around 2.84 lakh members in 1,834 primary milk cooperative societies. While the State government had given free land and ₹ 4 crores, the Centre had given ₹ 12 crores. Kochimul took a loan of ₹ 87 crore from the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to fund the plant construction.