IDA (East Zone) Elects its New ZEC Members

IDA (East Zone) election process started on September 20, 2022 under the nominated Returning Officer Shri Abhas Amar. The other election committee members were Shri Sajal Biswas and Shri G.P. Verma. Election was held through on-line voting system. Members elected its zonal committee members unanimously. The newly elected members are: Chairman: Shri Sudhir Kumar Singh; Vice Chairmen: Dr. Dulal Chandra Sen and Shri Milton Milton; Secretary: Ms. Amita Sinha; Treasurer: Shri Suresh Kumar; Member (RE): Dr. Sanjeev Kumar and Shri Suryamani Kumar; Member (PP): Ms. Shweta Sinha and Shri Maheshwar Prasad; Member (DI): Shri Apurba Kumar Mitra and Mrs. Meera Singh; Member (MP): Mrs. Madhuri Srivastava and Shri Subodh Srimani.