FSSAI will soon come out with regulations for analogue products

INDIA’S DAIRY SECTOR is attracting a host of new players making an entry into this space. While the retail major Future Group has just announced a joint venture with Fonterra, ITC has also made an entry into the dairy sector. The growing competition has also increased the presence of analogs in the market. An analogue dairy product is made up of milk solids and vegetable fat which is not a pure dairy product.

To counter the increasing presence of analogous dairy products, companies such as Amul have appealed to FSSAI to take note of this growing market. Analogs are cheaper than pure dairy products and therefore, consumers are buying these products due to lack of information. The absence of labelling regulations that specifically point out the difference between dairy analogs and pure dairy products are missing at this point. Amul believes that this has adversely impacted the dairy company's income as well as the livelihood of farmers.

The dairy industry is also asking for a new logo to be printed on dairy analogs so that a consumer can distinguish between a dairy and non-dairy product. Amul has alleged that food items such as cheese, paneer, ghee, butter and other value added products are being sold under the garb of dairy products, when they are in reality the analogs. FSSAI has received representations and concerns around the issue of analogues and is examining the matter at present. Since this is a complex process, the regulator will decide on whether any modifications are required in the labelling regulations of analogous products and this could take a couple of months.