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Effect of potassium sorbate on shelf life of khoa jalebi
at 30 degree C

Bharat Chaturvedi and C.N. Pagote

Khoa jalebi, a traditional sweet product popular in central regions of India, has a shelf life of about one week at ambient temperatures. In this study, the effect of potassium sorbate on the shelf life of khoa jalebi was investigated. Two levels viz. 500 and 1000 ppm of the preservative with a high barrier packaging material viz. metalized aluminium pouch were tried. Sensory changes during storage at 30 degree C along with changes in glycolysis, lipolysis and proteolysis were monitored. There was no significant effect of the preservative on the changes in colour and appearance, body and texture and moisture content of the jalebi during storage, but the changes in flavour score, pH, FFA and tyrosine values were significantly retarded by the addition of potassium sorbate. It was concluded that shelf life of khoa jalebi packed in metalized aluminium pouch could be enhanced up to 15 days using 500 ppm potassium sorbate and to 25 days by using 1000 ppm potassium sorbate, whereas the jalebi without preservative kept well for 10 days.