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Technological impact of women dairy cooperative societies on its beneficiaries in Haryana

Upayana Singh, Vijay Avinashilingam, N.A. and B.S. Malik

The study on technological impact assessment of women dairy cooperative societies (WDCS) on its beneficiaries was conducted in Haryana state of India, where, under the STEP program (Support to Training and Employment program), a women dairy project was sanctioned to start women dairy cooperative societies. The study assesses the technological impact on the member dairy women after the introduction of women dairy cooperatives. A total of 120 members as experimental group were selected from 15 Women Dairy Cooperative Societies and 60 non-members as control group were selected from the areas surrounding the selected villages. A comparison was made between both the groups to find out the impact of WDCS. The data were collected personally through a well-structured interview schedule. Regarding the technological aspect, it was found that the women dairy cooperative societies had a positive impact on adoption of improved dairy farming practices.