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Assessment of genetic relationship between Kheri
sheep and its founder breeds using molecular
coancestry information

Harikesh Singh Yadav , Ranjan Gupta, B.P.Mishra and Reena Arora

The present study investigates the genetic relationship of Marwari, Jaisalmeri, Malpura and Patanwadi sheep breeds with Kheri sheep, which is considered to have originated from a crossbred base with unknown levels of inheritance from these breeds. Microsatellite based information was used to estimate molecular coancestry and kinship distances which were supported by classical genetic distance measures. Our results revealed high molecular coancestry and least kinship distance between Kheri and Malpura sheep, whereas Marwari sheep appeared distinct. The molecular coancestry and genetic distance analyses suggest that Kheri sheep share more genetic similarity with Malpura than with Marwari, Jaisalmeri or Patanwadi sheep breeds. The genetic distances, phylogenetic tree and principal coordinate analyses reflected a clear differentiation of Marwari breed probably implying that the influence of Marwari sheep into the Kheri sheep, if any, would be limited. On the basis of the present results, it may be concluded that Malpura sheep breed, which appears closely related to Kheri sheep, may have been a significant contributor towards the formation of Kheri sheep, while the participation of other breeds like Marwari, Jaisalmeri and Patanwadi is less clear and may have occurred at an early stage of its evolution.