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Review Article
  1. Leptin in Animal Production - A Review
    Vivek Choudhary, Pushpendra Kumar, T.K.Bhattacharya, B.Bhushan, N.R.Sahoo and Arjava Sharmah
Research Articles
  1. Process Standardization and Shelf Life Evaluation of Chhana Podo
    Bikash C. Ghosh, K.Jayaraj Rao, B.V.Balasubramanyam and Satish Kulkarni

  2. Aflatoxin M1 in Milk and Milk Products in Different Localities of Chhattisgarh
    Choudhary, P.L.; Sahu Chandrahas and Sandey Kushal

  3. A Comparative Study of Conventional Culture and PCR Method for the Detection of Listeria monocytogenes from Artificially Inoculated Milk
    Ritu Aurora, Alka Prakash and Sant Prakash

  4. Biochemical Characterization of Leuconostoc Spp. Isolated from Raw Milk
    P. Subramanian and Pavan Kumar Ora

  5. Nutrient Utilization from Clusterbean Straw, Supplemented with Urea and Prosopis acineraria Leaves in Growing Camel
    N.Saini, G.P.Singh and A.K.Nagpal

  6. Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing Cumulative Part Lactation and 305-Day Milk Production in Karan Fries Cattle
    Sachin Singh and Avtar Singh

  7. Effect of Oestrus Behaviour on Fertility in Murrah Buffaloes
    M. Gunasekaran, Charan Singh and A.K.Gupta

  8. Induction of Estrus with Follicular Fluid in Anestrus Buffaloes
    K.Krishnakumar, P.Sivakumar, M.Muthuramalingam, M.Sasikumar and C. Chandrahasan

  9. Effect of Udder and Teat Characteristics on Milk Composition and Yield of Karan Fries Cows
    T.K.S.Rao, A.K.Dang and Charan Singh

  10. Constraints in Adoption of Crossbreeding Technology in Different Regions of India
    S.B.Aggarwal, C.B.Singh and S.K.Jha
  11. Monetary Losses Due to Reproductive Failures in FMD Affected Bovines
    M.Thirunavukkarasu and G.Kathiravan
Short Communication
  1. Standardization of the Protocol for the Resolution of Selected β-Casomorphins From Their Model Mixture
    Latha Sabikhi, B.N.Mathur and Aniruddha Kumar

  2. Comparative Study of Cooling by Mist-Fan and Wallowing on Mineral Profile of Murrah Buffaloes During Summer
    Anjali Aggarwal, Mahendra Singh and R.C.Chopra