D.C. Sen
Professor and Head (Retd.), Department of Dairy Technology, W.B. University of Animal & Fishery Sciences, Mohanpur Campus, Nadia, West Bengal
Anju Paul
Assistant Professor, Department of Food Technology, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Sodepur, Panihati, Kolkata
Avneet Rajoria
Food Safety Consultant, 154 Sector-7, Urban Estate, Karnal-132 001 (Haryana)


Many types of cheeses produced from sheep milk are differently named in different countries, e.g., Feta (Greece), Ricotta (Italy), Roquefort (France), Manchego(Spain), Serra da estrella (Portugal), Pag cheese (Croatia), Gomolya (Hungary), Bryndza (Slovakia), Branza de barduf (Romania) and Bryndza Podhalanska (Poland). Sheep milk gives much higher cheese yield than that obtained from cow, buffalo or goat milk. It may be noted that 100 litre of sheep milk gives about 18 kg of Feta cheese. The sale price of Feta cheese is about ₹1000/kg. Considering the aggregate price of sheep milk as ₹30 per litre, the cost realization from 100 litres of sheep milk will be ₹18,000/. This value addition will multiply shepherd’s income six times.

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