Tanweer Alam
Joint Director and Regional Head Indian Institute of Packaging, Delhi.


There are several aspects to look into when trying to identify the most environmental friendly packaging material. First, the pollutants released when the packaging material is produced should not be ignored. If a particular product cannot be produced without release of toxins into the environment, then it cannot be considered to be ecologically suitable. Another aspect to be considered is whether the packaging material is recycling friendly or not. There is little advantage in buying a recyclable material if one is not actually going to recycle the material. Pricing remains extremely important consideration and a major factor to be considered while recommending packaging solutions. “Green” milk packaging is made up of cardboard pulp with a plastic bag as an inner layer. In fact, the bag can also be called a bag-in-a-box, and its carbon footprint is 48% lower than that of milk bottles made using HDPE. Innovative, sustainable and stylish, green milk packaging can be recycled again and consumes less than 0.5% of the space of traditional milk packaging if dumped in a landfill.

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