Amit Kumar Singh
M.Sc. LPM Scholar, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal (Haryana)


It has been seen that weaning occurs at different ages for different species of animals when young ones becomes capable of meeting their nutritional needs and safety. This trend has been completely changed for dairy animals whose young ones are reared separately to have more milk for selling and making profit. Just after the birth calf is detached from its dam and is reared separately. This practice may not have adverse effect for considerable time in exotic breeds as much like HF, Jersey, Brown Swiss, etc. but certainly as per the researches done on crossbreds and indigenous cattle it has adverse effects. Weaning in indigenous cattle creates stress in animals, many aspects like milk yield, milk flow rate, temperament score, etc. get affected. Behavior of indigenous dairy cattle as compared to exotic breeds is quite different. They have much affection towards their calves as compared to exotic breeds. Therefore, it becomes very necessary to know about effect of weaning in indigenous animals and dealing with them accordingly.

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