Saroj Rai
Scientist, NDRI, ERS-Kalyani, West Bengal
Alokes Goswami
Chief Technical Officer, NDRI, ERS-Kalyani, West Bengal
Rajalaxmi Behera
Scientist, NDRI, ERS-Kalyani, West Bengal
Asif Mohammad
Scientist, NDRI, ERS-Kalyani, West Bengal


After the Green Revolution, a second round of sustainable farming has taken place where vermicompost is earmarked a successful tool in converting biodegradable farm wastes into rich organic manure. This simple tested technology has been commercially popularized where NGO's and Government are also playing a big role. Since the initial starter dose of earth worm population multiplies almost ten times in one calendar year and raw food substrates readily converts into 30-40% vermicast, this is definitely one profitable venture.

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